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Woman Giving Thai Massage

Thai massage. (Photo: Marcus Bober)

Traditional Thai Medicine or TTM is a holistic system that employs massage, yoga, herbalism and spirituality. Together these form a complete philosophy of health that caters to the needs of body, heart and mind alike.  ThaiMedicineGuide.com introduces you to the traditional healing arts of Thailand with concise, fully-illustrated guides.


The Role of Traditional Medicine in Today’s World

Ancient medical knowledge is now more relevant than ever in this age. With the growing dissatisfaction with mainstream Western medicine and a desire to reconnect with Nature, more and more people are turning to the wisdom of the past for healing. The centuries-old practices of Traditional Thai Medicine is an attractive option for those seeking alternative or complementary techniques.

Epigraphs in Wat Po Medical Pavillion

Templeo epigraphs depicting massage lines. Wat Po, Bangkok.
Photo: Ryan Harvey

Thai massage, or Thai yoga massage as it’s often called, is the most popular modality of TTM. Its use has always been widespread in Thaialnd, but Thai massage has also gained acceptance worldwide in recent years. Many spas and clinics now offer this service to their clients, and an increasing number of professionals are adopting it to expand their repertoire.

Yet there’s more to Traditional Thai Medicine than just massage. Thanks to the efforts of a few dedicated teachers, practitioners and scholars, the whole of TTM is slowly coming to light in the global scene. Each of the following modalities offers a fresh approach to health and healing:

  1. Thai massage: a kind of bodywork that blends massage with yoga positions, acupressure and meridian (sen line) work.
  2. Thai yoga: a series of postures that resemble Hatha Yoga.
  3. Thai herbal medicine: similar to Ayurveda and employs many Ayurvedic herbs as well as materials indigenous to Thailand.
  4. Thai spirituality: a blend of Theravada Buddhism and indigenous beliefs. Paying respects to spiritual beings is a cornerstone of Thai religious practice; it is also believed to prevent disease and misfortune.

TTM holds promise for different kinds of people such as:

  • Individuals seeking holistic methods to complement standard Western health care
  • Professionals looking for a rewarding job or continuing education
  • Admirers of traditional Asian healing systems
  • Scholars and intellectuals with special interest in Asian studies

So whether you are looking for ways to improve your health regimen, break into new ground in your career or simply learn more about Thailand and its fascinating culture, please feel welcome to explore Thai Medicine Guide!

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